7 Awesome Reasons for Playing Golf

The time of year is here to start spending time outdoors. The temperature is cooling off around the country. The sweltering heat is no longer keeping us glued to the air conditioner. 

So if you are looking for a hobby that calls for a little fresh air, why not consider golf? Golf is an amazing hobby that you can keep up with for many years. Plus, the better you get at the sport, the more enjoyable it can be which is why you may want to look into using a golf launch monitor to practice your swing.

There are several reasons for playing golf. Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of the game. 

Below, you will find 7 awesome reasons for playing golf. 

1) Golf is Lifetime Hobby

Golf is a game that you can play your entire life. You can pick it up at an early age and keep playing deep into retirement. Fortunately, golf is such a challenging game there will always be room for improvement.

If you want proof, take a looks at PGA golfer Fred Couples. Couples, in his sixties, recently teed off in the 2020 Masters Tournament. 

2) Power of the Body

Golf leads to excellent exercise. It is not too taxing on the body, but an 18-hole game can be up to 4-5 hours. If you choose to walk the course, it’s a good cardio workout. 

Furthermore, golf swings work muscles from your legs, back, and arms. If you get into the habit of playing every weekend, you are in for a nice day of exercise. 

3) Power of the Mind

Why do people play golf? Well, beyond the physical workout, golf is also an exercise of the mind. The game is widely regarded to be mental over physical. Playing the links leads to focus exercises and problem-solving.

The calming game is known to release stress and anxiety.  If nothing else, the game is a nice escape from the pressures in your life. 

4) Increase Life Expectancy

Imagine having fun and increasing your life expectancy. Sounds too good to be true, right? However, studies have shown the mind and body benefits above lead to a longer life.  

A Swedish study examining lifespan showed those who play golf were 40% less likely to die at the same age as non-players. That is a potentially huge benefit of a weekend golf hobby. 

5) Technology Changes the Way You Play

In basketball, for example, there is not much differentiation in equipment. You only need a ball and a hoop. This is not the case in golf.

A golf bag consists of 14 clubs. Weight, shaft material, brand, and grips all play a role in your game. Club technology is fully customizable. Specific tech will change your game accordingly. 

Furthermore, with the holidays around the corner, golfing gifts give you a chance to try out new gear. 

6) Make Connections

It may sound cliche, but a lot of business goes down on the golf course. Many people find golf as a common hobby. As such, your business may find time for golfing excursions. 

Showing off your golf skills in a foursome of colleagues could pay dividends. 

7) Play Beautiful Courses

If you enjoy nature, there are few better ways to experience it than playing new courses. There are more than 15,000 golf courses in America. Between them, you can play the desert, the coast, the mountains, and more. 

Think about what type of landscapes you want to play. You will be in for an unforgettable golf vacation.  

Experience These Benefits by Playing Golf

There are so many awesome benefits of playing golf. Keep these in mind if you are looking for a new hobby.

Who knows, you may find yourself playing golf for decades to come. If you enjoyed this article, check out the blog for more incredible tips for a healthy lifestyle. 

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