About us

Sports is one of the most crucial parts of our lives. Since time immemorial, we have played and loved games that have worked as a platform to release our mental and physical energies. Although the means of indulging in outdoor activities have changed the basic intent yet remains the same. We have created this website to tap into the very best and worst of modern sports. Not only will it educate you a lot about various sports played around the world but will also allow you to relate to these games on many levels.

The agenda behind preparing this website was quite simple.  Not a single web portal was doing justice with our expectations when it comes to sports. Premium websites were more concerned about football and basketball while the minor ones were releasing copied content, which was of no good.  The whole system needed a change, and we understood our role then and there. Being professional athletes, it was our duty to portray the real image of sports around the world. We do not believe in sugar-coated words or being partial to a cause or individual.  Our blogs are as original and real as things can get. It is our pleasure to serve the people who have made sporting events the mainstay of our culture and country.

While thinking about the idea, we acknowledged the fact that many sports are left behind due to poor marketing and knowledge, some of these sports have never been evaluated by people, and they deserve much more than blank seats and meager paychecks. Professional athletes work harder than most of the people criticizing their game.  They sacrifice like any other player from a major sport and also perform exceptional skills that should be noticed by the world. But there is no wonder in realizing that promoters are more interested in indulging in already established sports.

One of these sports is Badminton. The fast-paced game is not any less aggressive than an NFL bout.  Its players are super sturdy with stamina that might make many so-called “premier athletes” jealous. The sport has been around for a long time now but is devoid of the recognition it deserves. We have taken the oath to focus on such games that are capable of entertaining and inspiring their supporters. We are not here to push all the sporting activities down your throat, but only the ones that are capable of gaining your attention.

Apart from our objectives, we have also tried to make sure that we are not circulating hoaxes. Many sports-related websites are running on fake news that is bad for players and supporters alike. Such information can make or break an athlete for they are constantly living life under public scrutiny. Anything you see and read on this website is verified by a team of professionals who filter out the unwanted and fabricated information.

However, this job becomes hard keeping in mind the amount of bogus information and figures provided by the internet and the general public. Many times, we have to defend our blogs for people who trust a lot on WhatsApp forwards and memes. Nonetheless, we work to our best potential to publish authentic data that won’t hurt the tag of legitimacy associated with our website.

Else ways, we are strict about our writing techniques used by our employees. Our editors double-check whether the content is produced for masses or not.  We write in a simple and more relatable English for our readers are highly diversified. Also, we cannot overlook people who are not able to digest the superior use of language as information is a universal commodity. Plus, there is no smartness in writing for a specific group of people as we need a good amount of traffic to keep the website going.

Building a sports-based website might look easy, but in contrast, it’s irritatingly difficult. We have to constantly update the forum and make changes in existing articles as sports events sporting regularly happen around the world. We hope that you will support us in our quest to develop the best sports website ever witnessed on the internet.

Finally, we would like to thank everybody who helped us in the creation and management of this website.