Cleaning An Aluminium Boat: 5 Important Things to Know

Did you know that in the U.S. alone there are $42 billion in boat sales? Are you a boat owner and you’re wondering about cleaning an aluminum boat?

There are numerous reasons you may need to clean your boat. Maybe you’re sat there thinking “I need to sell my boat” and need it to look nice for potential buyers. Nice weather could be forecast so you want to clean your boat before taking it out on the water. Maybe you have invited people to go on a boat trip and need to make your boat presentable.

Whatever your reason, in this article, sail ahead and explore how to clean your boat with these 5 important tips. Read on, sail on, and find out how your boat will look as good as new with these tips.

1. Mixing Tri-Sodium Phosphate

First, you can try Tri-sodium phosphate on your boat. When you begin, make sure to deep clean it well. When cleaning your boat and mixing it, you’ll need to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses.

Normally, the ratio is 1 to 4. Check the instructions before beginning.

First, wash your boat with soap and water. To apply tri-sodium phosphate you’ll want to use a sponge on the wet surface. Make sure that you apply it in even and horizontal strokes.

2. Don’t Forget To Rinse

Before you begin cleaning your boat, don’t make the mistake of not rinsing it first. Use clean and fresh water to begin.

Even if it’s coming out of the water you’ll need to rinse it off. It might have salt, dirt, mud, or other debris on it. Or, if you boat has been in Colorado self storage, or storage wherever you are based, it might have dust and cobwebs on it as a result of not using it for a period of time. Skipping this step can lead to scratching the coat on your boat.

3. Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Boat maintenance needs to include the correct cleaners. This will help your boat avoid wear and tear over time.

Each area of your boat will need different cleaners as well. For example, the outside and inside of the boat use different cleaners.

4. Perform Inspections

Proper cleaning also needs to include boat care and maintenance. This means you’ll need to perform an inspection on a regular basis.

How often you’ll need to inspect your boat varies from person to person. Whenever you take your boat out, you should inspect the hull.

5. Use Marine Products

Use marine-cleaning products for your boat for the best effect. When your boat is clean, it’ll be in great condition.

If you use cleaning products that aren’t meant for boats, it can damage them. Look for marine products that say they’re meant for boats. Marine products for specific types of water are an option as well.

What if There’s Rust?

If you notice rust you’ll want to wash your boat with fresh water and a good detergent. Along with this, use a car chrome polish and fiberglass wax product.

If your boat has aluminum finishes you’ll want to use an abrasive cleaner to remove rust. Before beginning, it’s a good idea to test a small area. When you use this method, ensure that you go in the same direction as the grain.

Never clean with hydrochloric acids. Don’t use sandpaper or abrasive cleaners on finished metals. Never use scouring powders, cleaners, or bleach.

Important Things To Note When Cleaning an Aluminum Boat

Now that you’ve explored important things to note when cleaning an aluminum boat, you should be ready to get your boat nice and clean. Would you like to read more vehicle content? For everything from boats to cars, check out our other articles today.

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