Trusted Sports Brands of Today

The sportswear industry is going through a revolution, and some innovative companies have immensely benefited due to the quality and consistency of their products. It’s time that we recognize the most trusted sportswear brands not only in the US but in the world. Whether you’re looking for some high quality tracksuits or a new sports bra, there are many great brands to buy from.


Nike is not only the most trusted sports brand but also the most popular sports brand in the world. The company has been able to maintain great relationships with its consumers, especially with premier athletes. Thus, it has managed to create brand loyalty, which has helped it earn billions of dollars. They are also able to attract new customers as many of them would choose their sportswear based on what athletes are wearing.

But a lot of people do not know that besides delivering quality products to customers, Nike and brands similar to it often attract new customers by allowing sports celebrities to endorse their products and inviting them to their events as keynote speakers. Yes, it is indeed true! In recent years, many brands are known to have invited sports speakers to their events to promote their brand and product, as well as the benefits of playing sports. That said, those who are interested to promote their sports brand that sells soccer products can hire a soccer speaker with the help of Sports Speakers 360. Wondering how to get more information regarding the firm? Well, why not look here?

Anyway, let us come back to the topic of Nike. It all started with the “Finger on the pulse strategy,” and today, it’s brand recognition is outstanding. Apart from its successful marketing, the products are also worth every penny, and an average American would love to buy a Nike for any physical activity. They know what people are looking for too: for example, the 1990s had some of the best basketball shoes, so Nike have several retro 90s options available, which are considered among the best in that particular category. Also, the customer support provided by the company motivates people to stay devoted to the brand.


For the majority of people, Adidas is the best sports company ever. The company has been at war with Nike to dominate the sneaker markets of the US and China. But Adidas’ fan base swears upon its build quality and usability. The brand goes way back in time and is home to many of the classic shoes American society has witnessed. People all over the world recognize the three stripes which were not created to make the shoe look more attractive but to provide more stability and strength.

Adidas has and will always be one of the most trusted sports brands across the world.


Also known as the third biggest sports brand ever, the company shares an interesting history with Adidas. The company became successful with its initial contacts with premier athletes in the World Cup and the Olympics. As of now, the brand is setting high standards for sports goods that are quite capable of improving individual performance.

The company is more popular in the younger generation as its products are more fashionable and urban-centric. It has also entered into the fashion industry by merging sports and fashion to create casual sneakers.

Today, the company has a huge presence in the international market, mainly because of the variety of shoes it produces and its iconic logo, which is universally recognized as a symbol of quality.


Patagonia is the most trusted outdoor brand available in the US. It is often regarded as a sustainable sports company due to its ambitious climate targets and efforts to achieve them. The company has made new moves to include environmentally friendly products in its collection. Plus, it has taken steps to manage chemicals that can be harmful to our environment. Thus, the brand is quite popular among people indulged in outdoor sports and those who are concerned about pollution and sustainable products. Also, it is trying to improve the working conditions in the supply chain and has the best results in the payment of living wages.

The North Face

The company has achieved great success since its rise in 1968. With very little information about is financial statistics, we cannot compare it with the big sharks stated above. However, its popularity around the globe says a lot about its accomplishments.

The brand is known to create sturdy and though products that last longer than most of the major brands in America. Also, it has a huge collection for outdoor activities like backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.

Hence, North Face has been able to create a niche audience that loves its products and are not likely to switch with competitor brands like Decathlon.


The youngest sports goods company in this list is catching up fast. UnderArmour is now of the most popular casual and sports apparel in the country. It produces pants, jackets, casual shoes, athletic shoes, hoodies, t-shirts and everything in between.

The brand has also made its way into major sports like basketball, American soccer, and football. With its attention to young consumers, the company will likely be giving tough competition to more established labels in the future. Notably, its popularity skyrocketed when Dwayne Johnson became part of the “Rock Project.” As of now, it’s brand loyalty has become a bit shaky, but it still continues to be a dominant force in the market.

Numerous other companies are doing a fabulous job, but their success is no match for the brands stated above.