Why You Need a Cotton Quadra Bag for Day Hiking

Day hiking is an activity that many are picking up for various reasons. It’s a healthy form of exercise, it gets you away from screens and works stress to enjoy nature, it’s great for your mental health, and it’s basically a therapeutic adventure every time you go.

As such, people are also consuming a lot of gear to make their day hiking journeys easier or to keep themselves prepared while out on the trail.

If you look on shop shelves, you’ll notice a lot of bags made from nylon or leather. Those work for the most part, but there’s an option we think is better. Canvas quadra bags can perfectly balance the benefits of both those other materials, and they can surpass both of them in some ways.

Check it out.

1: They’re Cost-Effective

First and foremost, price is a major concern for nearly everyone right now. People who lived comfortably just a couple of years ago are not wondering how they’ll pay all their bills, and people who were already doing that are in a worse spot, now. So, we understand there’s not a lot of money to spend on hobbies at the moment.

Luckily, canvas quadra bags can provide all the benefits we’ll be listing below at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality.

2: A Balance Between Leather and Nylon

Hikers tend to split into two groups: Those who like leather for its ruggedness, and those who like nylon for its lightweight nature.

Canvas quadra bags offer both of those. Thick, durable, rugged canvas quadra bags can withstand a serious beating, and they weigh about the same as a flimsy nylon bag.

3: Easy Field Repairs

You’re hiking, you take a tumble down a brush-covered hill, and you notice your bag is ripped. Your stuff is pouring out everywhere. What do you do?

Well, with leather, you won’t be performing field repairs unless you have a sharp awl, strong hands, and thick fabric. It’s just too hard to sew by hand without proper tools. With nylon, you’ll have to worry about the entire fabric being compromised.

Canvas is easy to repair in the field. With a basic sewing kit, or even the pin and cinch method a lot of outdoorsmen know, you can fix your bag up, gather your things, and be ready to go in about fifteen minutes for even bad rips.

4: Nature-Friendly

Finally, canvas or cotton quadra bags are eco-friendly. That won’t appeal to some people, but if you’ve been hiking for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen how important it is that we start taking care of our planet.

These bags are biodegradable, clean to produce, and last for a remarkable time.

So, not only will the bag serve you well during your day hiking journeys, but it won’t damage the environment you’ve grown to love when it’s finally time to part ways with it.

Not to mention, there’s something attractive about natural fibers and Earth tones when you’re out in nature.

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