You Should Stop Believing These Car Accident Myths!

It can be frustrating to suffer injuries and pay healthcare costs because of someone else’s negligence. Negligent-based car accidents have become common in the United States, and there is no stopping them. It does not matter how careful you may be; at least one person is not paying attention to the road.

When you suffer a car accident, you may want to file a compensation claim against the responsible party’s insurance company to pay your medical bills. However, before taking further steps, you must learn about the myths and facts associated with car accident cases. You can even contact a Miami car accident lawyer for detailed insight.

Car accident myths you should stop believing

  1. Your insurance will cover everything.

You may be relieved thinking that your insurance will cover your costs if you have healthcare insurance. However, insurance companies are profit-making organizations and will try their best not to give you a penny. When another car’s fault is involved in a car accident case, you must first establish their fault to receive compensation.

Though insurances cover accidents ranging from injuries to vehicle damage, insurers might hire their own independent doctors to assess your injuries with the intention of finding grounds to deny that the injuries meet the legal criteria to qualify as a catastrophic impairment. That is why you should hire professional personal injury lawyers from websites like to file a claim against these insurance companies as soon as possible when you come across such scenarios.

  1. All states have the same car accident laws.

Each state in the United States has different sets of laws. The laws differ from determining fault to the deadline of filing a claim. Some states follow the “fault” system where the responsible party pays for the victim’s damages, and other states follow a “no-fault” system where the involved parties look after their own damages. You must learn about your state’s laws before deciding to take legal action. For example, you could look at this law firm if you want to look at the car accident laws in Iowa.

  1. You do not need to report minor accidents as they do not cause injuries.

There are two myths here. One is that you do not need to report minor accidents, and the second is that minor accidents do not cause injuries. Both sentences are false. You should file a police report, even if it is a fender bender. Your car may seem fine at first, but there are chances of discovering internal damages later. The same goes for your injuries. Some internal injuries are often not visible until a few days or even weeks. Therefore, you should report all accidents to be on the safe side.

  1. The rear driver is liable in all rear-end accidents.

Many people often assume that the rear-driver is to blame in a rear-end collision. However, there are many situations where the rear driver could not have done much to prevent the collision. These may include:

  • The fault of a third-party driver
  • The forward driver pressed their brakes suddenly and did not have working brake lights.
  • Manufacturing or design fault.
  1. All drivers carry insurance.

Once you establish fault, you may think you are halfway there to receive your compensation. However, not all drivers carry insurance. When dealing with an uninsured driver, getting compensation can be difficult and even impossible.

Certain car accident myths can make you lose your case. This is why the assistance of an attorney is essential to guide you through the process.

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