Segmenting the Natural Competitive Streak we all Possess

Harbouring a natural competitive streak can be advantageous to one’s personal development goals in many ways. We’re going to delve into the inner-workings of an academic institution to drive the point home, but basically the underlying principles can be identified in any institution we interact with in modern times. So even something like a top 20 online casino UK professional gamers frequent to go about their exploits can make for a live case study through which identify these principles of segmenting one’s competitiveness.

Typically, an institution such as Wesleyan University is comprised of individuals whom wish to pursue academic excellence, and push their own skills as far as their brains allow them to take it.

Competitively pursuing a high GPA in such a time of monumental success takes drive, drive that may feel quite natural to a child born into this world, but perhaps has been stunted by societal pressures. As a result, many athletes, particularly in the NCAA realm, can find that the advantage they felt while growing up and playing sports is largely gone. And that is where the collegiate version of a playground title comes in.

The positive attitudes that were key for sportsmanlike conduct in a sport like basketball or football can carry over to other fields of interest as well. In a time where social and professional responsibilities seem to be larger than ever before, colleges are doing their best to attract students who have the ability to put in the work to obtain an educational degree. As a result, a coveted individual title like college athlete may be a little overrated.

Sure, it may sound good, and it may have offered a boost to an individual’s ego in a past life, but it really doesn’t stand out when all is said and done. Sure, that moment of glory may not be directly related to a student’s life path in this way now, but it may be something that can be used to draw a crowd and gain a great amount of attention for the university itself.

It’s true, the alumni who are highly regarded in athletics might do wonders for the reputation of an institution. However, the increased attention that comes from being a highly publicized athlete may be done in ways that are much more detrimental than beneficial for an individual’s personal development.

It is much more practical and realistic for an athlete to look to creating an optimal professional network outside of their school and college careers.

It is much more practical and realistic for an athlete to look to creating an optimal professional network outside of their school and college careers. Simply attending a college with a great environment of exposure to the public is better than doing so with an elite sports school in an institution with much more to lose.

As college sports continue to become more heavily scrutinized, the amount of attention that a university can receive may be decreasing, which ultimately has a direct effect on the type of student that is attracted to that institution. An individual may have once been academically motivated and passionate, but if their attention is being drawn to the things that are more superficial than what is truly important to them, that same passion may be diminished in a short amount of time.

However, this need not be a negative outcome.

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