Baju Raya and Baju Melayu Moden options for guys

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a religious celebration that is celebrated every year after a month of fasting. Wearing colorful and stylish clothes is a noble practice according to Muslim practice. Men are also encouraged to wear neat and perfect clothes and pair them up with a nice songkok. With the evolution of fashion and the influence of different designers, baju melayu moden is no longer the primary choice for Hari Raya and people have started to choose other options. Let’s check it out!

1. Baju Batik

Baju Batik is one of the best options for a casual dress during the Hari Raya celebration. It is important to have comfortable clothes choice during this day, as we are encouraged to socialize between relatives and friends during the gathering for the whole day. Therefore, it is important to put comfort over everything. Baju batik could provide you with both comfort and style. It is made of a material that can absorb sweat. Besides that, Baju Batik comes with a fairly varied design and style and it is suitable to be worn daily, as well as your working attire.

2. Kurta

Kurta is one of the Muslim attires that has been evolving over the decades. This fashion is a traditional dress for men in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The influence of Kurta in Malaysia has also contributed to the current baju melayu moden design. Several alterations have been made to the kurta, especially in the neck design; round neck or turtleneck choices. Not only that, by making kurta as the fashion of choice, you can also protect yourself from the cold as some kurta uses fabric that is quite thick.

The current Kurta design comes with the short sleeve version to create comfort to suit the hot weather. Kurta can be styled in many ways with different types of pants. It has a variety of colors and sizes to make it easier for the wearer to celebrate Eid joyfully. 

3. Jubah style

The modern-designed robe or jubah is one of the choices for the elderly. Most of the jubah is designed with a thin fabric so that the wearer feels comfortable wearing it under the hot weather. The modern jubah comes with a modern pattern and design. Jubah is suitable to be donned anywhere including religious events or as the attire for the daily prayers. This is the main reason why the elderly prefer to wear jubah compared to baju melayu moden during Hari Raya. This stylish and fashionable robe is perfect for teenagers who love to be stylish. 

4. Baju Melayu Moden

For whatever reasons, despite other choices, baju melayu moden will always be the top choice for the Hari Raya celebration. Most of the modern design is made from a comfortable material with Teluk belanga or cekak musang design.The current design is comfortable to wear and comes with a slim fit size that gives a modern and attractive look. 

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