Is there a science to picking lottery numbers?

When playing the lottery, the wish of each bettor is to win the jackpot. Punters know that lottery is a game of chance and winning depends on the punter’s luck. Despite this knowledge, research shows that there are specific strategies that you can apply to select a winning number. Keep reading for surefire tips on how to pick lottery numbers.

Anniversary numbers

While playing the lottery, many people tend to choose numbers representing their birthdays and other special anniversaries. While the strategy is subtle, it’s critical to understand that in a lottery, each figure stands a chance of winning. It’s, therefore, vital to choose numbers that are above and below 31.

Choose the right games

If you want to improve your opportunities of winning in a lottery, it’s critical to choose the games with friendly odds of winning. The best strategy is to select small games instead of the big ones. While the big lotteries have massive jackpots, they’ve adverse odds. Small games, on the other hand, have small prizes, but their odds are favorable.

Study the frequency of winning numbers

Although each number stands a chance of winning, there are specific numbers that have won the lottery frequently. The top-notch lottery website offers information in the form of charts on numbers that are commonly selected. For instance, some of the often drawn numbers are as follows:

· 23-the number has a frequency of 280 times

· 38-chosen 275 times

· 40-with a rate of 274

· 33-has a rate of 272 times

· 30-chosen with a wavelength of 272 times

· 44-chosen with a wavelength of 269 times.

Scientists have also studied various lotteries like Irish lotto, MegaMillions, and Powerball to establish the numbers frequently drawn. The study conducted from July 1, 2016, until June 30, 2017, reveals that the number 16 has been drawn 191 while number 22, which clinches the second position has been drawn 179 times. The third position was taken by two numbers: 28 and 37 that have been drawn 167 times.

Use a Random Number Generator (RNG)

In case you’re not confident of choosing the numbers manually, it’s advisable to apply the RNG. The best thing about this technique is steering clear of any biases that come with manual selection. 

Random selection

The random technique of selecting numbers is one of the strategies that you can apply in choosing your lottery numbers. The random selection employs various tactics. For instance, you can select figures that alternate between even and odd numbers.

Numbers that are rarely drawn 

Studies also show that particular digits are seldom chosen. In this regard, numbers 36, 46, 41, 32, and 40 are infrequently selected. Each of the numbers mentioned above has been picked less than eight times a year.


Although gambling is a game of chance, you can boost your chances of winning if you study the trends and apply a specific strategy. This blog offers you some patterns in numbers that are frequently drawn and tactics that you can use to boost your chances of winning.

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