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Reports Explain That ‘Climate Chaos’ Is Coming In 2015

The Racket Report – Reports Explain That ‘Climate Chaos’ Is Coming In 2015.

Warning: Strange weather events increasing in 2015 are going to cause horrible effects around the world.

The video below explains about extreme weather tornadoes, strange booms, mystery dust storms, thunderstorms, hail, wind, rain, fire, flood and waves.

They say to expect the storm of the century freezes in the winter of 2015.

They claim these earth changes will cause massive animal deaths as well as deaths of people who cannot find shelter from these events.

Scientists say we will see the biggest weather events in history in this year of 2015.

This past winter of 2014 has also shown to be miserable and deadly in the North Eastern United States so far.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse – prepare because it definitely can!