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GoPro Video Shows Man Surviving Terrifying Avalanche

The Racket Report – GoPro Video Shows Man Surviving Terrifying Avalanche.

This snowboarder is a very lucky man today.

Sorin Radu was on a snowboard run in the hills of Romania, when he was nearly swallowed up by an avalanche.

Luckily, Radu was able to find shelter near a large rock as the snow brushes over him.

Miraculously, he was unhurt. “The snow covered me for a couple of seconds, but I managed to get up again and float,” 25-year-old Radu explained. “If I panicked, I would be dead now.”

Radu Obviously has a good spirit about him. He captured this selfie right after the horrifying incident.


Check out the video below, which shows firsthand what the young man experienced.

You can see he was almost completely swallowed up by the snow!