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Apple Releases iPhone 6 Fingerprint Data To NSA, Class Action Lawsuit Filed

The Racket Report – Apple Releases iPhone 6 Fingerprint Data To NSA, Class Action Lawsuit Filed.

According to this class action lawsuit, you are entitled to a refund of $299.

Many relied on the security of the iPhone 6 Touch ID fingerprint scanner, but as of today sources reveal that your privacy has been breached, handed over to the United States government.

Apple brought in an estimated 71.5 million iPhone sales in the holiday quarter. With many people being loyal to the iPhone brand, demand has been staggering.  And over 90% of those users, set up their iPhone 6 Touch ID fingerprint scanner immediately upon purchase.

Given the privacy concerns about our digital activity these days, the idea of handing over your fingerprints to Apple made some people nervous. But the lure of having such an amazing feature has not stopped the over 64 million iPhone users who have digitally downloaded their fingerprint.

According to reports, the fingerprint scanning application originated from programmers inside the government. The technology was then released to Apple, under the agreement that they would share the information with the NSA,  Homeland Security and FBI.

Now, the iPhone 6 Touch ID fingerprint scanner, coupled with the phone’s built-in GPS features, will allow authorities to pinpoint anyone they are looking for. Whether you are a criminal, fugitive, or someone they are just looking to “question.”  They now have direct access to find anyone they need to find, immediately.

Technology expert Ron Lindsy suggests you carefully choose your words when sending text messages from your phone as well as being particular about what you search for on the Internet. “Any ‘red flags’ in your text messages or internet web searches on your phone can alert authorities to your possible illegal activities,” Lindsy says. ” This could potentially lead to you being added to the ‘watch list’ on the NSA fingerprint database.”


The class-action lawsuit, which has been filed in California, alleges that Apple deliberately misrepresented the iPhone 6 Touch ID fingerprint scanner as a security feature, and failed to disclose to users that their fingerprints would be distributed to a United States database.  The lawsuit also claims that their actions violate the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.